Yosh de Vos

Site Reliability Engineer | Kubernetes Expert | PHP Developer
El Zorro IT
+31 6 1969 2483
Rotterdam (NL)

About me

The best way to describe myself is as a social, motivated, responsible and passionate team-player with broad knowledge and a real perfectionist. I will always do my best to find a solution for a problem.

Over more than 10 years ago I started developing web applications using PHP and since then I watched the webdevelopment movement closely to where it is right now. I specialised in back-end development and architectural design, but I also know about the aspects of front-end development, mobile development (by using React Native), automating processes like (continuous) testing, building, deployment, development setup, server management and being a lead, mentor, scrummaster or product-owner in a team.

In my free time I practice martial arts, surfing/boarding and I like to eat healthy but also enjoy craft beers. I love both city and nature life, and try to travel often to discover new places and people. I am a regular visitor of meetups and conferences and like to be involved in the community regularly.


Server Infrastructure

In the last 2 years I have specialised in Docker and Kubernetes and prefer to use them for the entire DTAP stack. But I also use configuration management tools like Puppet, Foreman, Ansible and Terraform. I have worked with different hosting solutions like AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean and VMWare vSphere and monitoring and logging tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Kibana, Fluentd, Logstash, Kibana and more.

I only with Linux operating systems and worked intensively with Ubuntu and CentOS..

Site Reliability

As developer I have always spent time in automating processes and making sure each application also runs stable in production. This ended up in a full time job in many projects or by trying to achieve the DevOps philosophy across teams.

Tasks vary from: setting up Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab and DTAP environments by using Jenkins. Automated tests on pull requests by running static analyzes, unittests and behaviour tests. Building Docker images and automatic or manual deployments. Integrating notifications with communication tools like Slack and Hipchat.

Web Development

My primary language for web development is PHP but I also have some knowledge of node.js, python and ruby. I prefer working with PHP7 and Symfony framework or standardised packages. I strongly believe that by using open source components and following standards together with code reviews, code style conventions, documentation and test driven development will improve code quality and maintainability.

On the frontend part I am experienced with React.js, Redux and React.js Native, basic styling with SASS and using task runners like Gulp, Grunt or Webpack.

Architectural Design

By working with different architectural designs in my career, I know a lot about the pros and cons of different kind of approaches like monolithic, decoupled by using (micro)services together with Domain Driven Design or Hexagonal Architecture.

I have worked different database engines (MySQL/MariaDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, BigQuery), different in-memory storages (Redis, Memcached) and different message systems (RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd) and all with or without an high availability setup.