Yosh de Vos Yosh de Vos

Site Reliability Engineer & Kubernetes Expert


As one of the first to adopt Kubernetes in production, nowadays I am still very happy with the vast amount of problems Kubernetes can solve. My knowledge of Kubernetes is as wide as installing it the-hard-way to start a single-press-on-the-button cluster on AWS, GCE or DO.

Kubernetes tasks

  • Cluster installation and configuration (by using kubeadm, Puppet, Ansible)
  • Periodic maintenance, upgrades, security checks
  • Setting up high availability (multiple master nodes, etcd cluster)
  • Implementing GitOps solution like Weave Flux or ArgoCD
  • Troubleshoot issues on networking, scheduling, storage, container, crashes and more
  • Integrate monitoring, logging and alerting with Prometheus and Nagios
  • Automated deployment pipeline with Gitlab, Jenkins or other CI tool (see also CI/CD)
  • Tighten security with RBAC rules, network policies and pod security policies
  • Service mesh insight and control with Istio or Linkerd
  • Integrate with your cloud provider or hypervisor (VMWare, DigitalOcean, GCE, AWS)
  • Implement persistent storage (cloud volumes, object storage, NFS, Ceph)
  • Implement automated backup
  • Writing or customize Helm charts