Yosh de Vos Yosh de Vos

Freelancer Kubernetes, DevOps, PHP


Over the years I have worked a lot with Ansible and Puppet and even wrote a couple of Ansible roles and Puppet modules myself which you can find on my Github page.

Provisioning tasks

  • Provisioning CentOS or Debian servers using Ansible or Puppet
  • Infrastructure provisioning with Ansible or Terraform in the cloud or bare-metal
  • Firewall configuration (iptables, pfSense)
  • Monitoring and alerting stack with Prometheus and Grafana or Nagios (fork)
  • Centralized logging with Logstash/Fluentd/Filebeat, ElasticSearch and Kibana

Datastore knowledge

  • MySQL/MariaDB; standalone setup, GTID replication, Galera cluster, automated backups
  • Redis; master/slave mode, cluster mode, automated failover
  • RabbitMQ; high availability, cluster federation, advanced exchange and queue bindings
  • ElasticSearch; scaling and high availability